You are right. You have taken the wise decision to build your online store on Shopify. Your judgment is right because Shopify is effective, efficient and economical. And the main thing is it allows you to establish your own brand identity in the e-commerce marketplace. Having said this, one must not forget that building a Shopify store alone is not enough. What you must do is make your Shopify store rank top on not just the search engine results but in revenue too. To achieve this, you must optimize the performance of your online store. The only way to do this is by using Shopify Apps.

Shopify has 2400 apps on its App Store. These apps can improve the efficiency of your Shopify store and increase its performance by adding e-commerce features to it. In order to identify and select which Shopify apps you need to use for your store, you must first know what benefits they can offer. Then, you can select the features you want to add to your Shopify store and choose the apps accordingly.

To start with, let us first make a list of all the advantages your Shopify store can get by integrating these apps.

Table of Contents

Section 1 - What can the best Shopify apps give to your Shopify store?

Section 2 - The Best Shopify App to inspire your Store Design

Section 3 - The Best Shopify App for Product Customization

Section 4 - The Best Shopify App for increasing Site Traffic through SEO

Section 5 - The Best Shopify App for Social Media

Section 6 - The Best Shopify App for Maximizing your Conversion

Section 7 - The Best Shopify App to Boost Sales

Section 8 - The Best Shopify App for Inventory Management & Multichannel Selling

Section 9 - The Best Shopify App for Dropshipping

Section 10 - The Best Shopify App for Print-On-Demand

Section 11 - The Best Shopify App for Shipping

Section 12 - The Best Shopify App for Marketing Analytics

Section 13 - The Best Shopify App for Upselling & Cross-Selling

Section 14 - The Best Shopify App for Email Marketing

Section 15 - The Best Shopify App to use Chatbots for increasing Sales

Section 16 - The Best Shopify App for Rewards

Section 17 - The Best Shopify App for Referrals

Section 18 - The Best Shopify App for Customer Support

Section 19 - The Best Shopify App for Selling Digital Products

Section 20 - The Best Shopify App for Currency Converter

Section 21 - What are the final takeaways if you use the best Shopify Apps for your Store?

What can the best Shopify apps give to your Shopify store?

Adding an app to your store sounds appropriate but what do you really gain from it? An app can do any one of the following for your Shopify store.



App integration can save time for Shopify merchants. For instance, Shopify vendors can now use apps to automate the entire sales process using CRM tools. Right from enquiries to lead generation and conversion, everything can be viewed as one dashboard by the merchant. This makes it easy to gain control of the sales process.

EXAMPLE OF CRM APPS ON SHOPIFY- Salesforce, Zendesk, Metrilo, AgileCRM, CapsuleCRM


App integration can save money for Shopify merchants. Usually, Shopify store owners buy or build individual tools for order processing like billing, tax calculation, shipping and delivery, etc. Instead, they can use a single app for order fulfilment

EXAMPLE OF ORDER FULFILMENT APPS ON SHOPIFY- Ordesrify, Shippo, Easyship, Zenstores, Ship&co, OrderlyPrint


Integrating Apps to your Shopify store can reduce errors and risks. In general, the order fulfilment process can run into many glitches as it involves multiple parties.

EXAMPLE OF  SHOPIFY APPS THAT REDUCE SHIPPING ERRORS - Scan and Ship,  Check & Ship, Double-Check, AfterShip


If you want to boost the performance of your Shopify store, you must first identify its KPIs. Then, you must monitor them, collate data and use these insights to make proactive changes. The Shopify App Store offers many apps that give you keen insights on your KPIs. Including them to your Shopify store will ensure that your store is always right on track.



It is YOUR store on Shopify and it must be laid out the way you want. This means you have to customize your Shopify store to give it an identity. There are hundreds of apps on Shopify that help you in customizing your store to your taste. These apps help you in customizing your product’s description, design, features, etc. Some even help in changing your store layout or its features.

EXAMPLE OF  SHOPIFY APPS THAT HELP IN CUSTOMIZATION- Product Builder, Product customizer, Qstomizer, Customify, Artistry IO, etc.


The end result of sales on your Shopify store is the money in your wallet. Nowadays, customers prefer to go cashless to make payments. This means you have to integrate other UPIs and payment channels like Paytm, Google Pay, PayPal, Square, Stripe, etc.


As a store owner, you should always focus on providing the best to your customers. This includes not only the best products but the best features and functions of your online store as well. By doing this, you will satisfy your customers better and increase your sales. You can do this by including apps from the Shopify store to your site. These Shopify apps can help the customers to

  • Have a Better Shopping Experience
  • Help in Quicker Purchase Decisions
  • Make the Order Fulfillment Faster
  • Get Better Discounts or Deals

EXAMPLE OF  SHOPIFY APPS THAT BENEFIT CUSTOMERS- ReferralCady,, Back in Stock, Daily Deals, Product Deals, Wheelio, etc.

As you can see, the world of e-commerce is in your pocket with Shopify. It has hundreds of Apps to improve your Shopify store. These apps can boost your store’s efficiency, sales, revenue, SEO, traffic, customers, etc.  Use these best to upgrade your Shopify store after taking a look at the best Shopify apps listed here.

The Best Shopify App to inspire your Store Design

Your store’s design is the first thing that a user notices. It is also the crucial factor that decides whether the customer wants to browse your site or bounce it. To grab the attention span of the customer, you must first have an arresting store design. One of the best Shopify Apps available to exemplify your store design is the Live Theme Editor.


Live Theme Editor is a Paid App that allows you to alter and customize every element of your store design. Its simple and intuitive interface helps you tailor each design element of your store without using code.


  • Paid App -$10 / month
  • Free Trial for 5 days
  • Live Demo
  • Install it instantly and tweak elements immediately
  • Code less customization of design elements
  • Alter any element effortlessly- font, colour, size, shape, shadow, foreground, background
  • Scale up your store’s style by adding borders, box shadows, background images, etc
  • Enhance the visual effects of your store with filters
  • Include animations and mouse-hover effects to improve UX
  • Rating- 4.2 on Shopify App Store

App review from Shopify App store

The Best Shopify App for Product Customization

The next thing you must do to lure customers to your Shopify Store is to array your products in an attractive manner. Most of us think that displaying an eye-catching picture of the product is enough to get the customer to buy it. But this is not so. One must describe all the features of the product and give the customer the chance to pick among many variants. Only then, will the customer understand the full scope of your product range and have a great shopping experience. This task is done easily if you have just a handful of products. But if your Shopify store deals with products with many variants, you need the best Shopify App to help you. Product Customizer is one such app that helps you customize your products.


For e-commerce stores with multiple product segmentation and many variants, product detailing is a challenging task. Product Customizer makes this a child’s play by allowing you to customize your products using multiple options. This makes customer conversion, as the customer is able to fetch what he wants in an exact manner.


  • Paid App with 3 monthly pricing plans
  • Free 14 day trial
  • Easy install and use
  • Unlimited product option fields on each page
  • Handle and sync several product types
  • Manage dozens of options for each product type
  • Create templates for each option to save time in entering them again and again
  • Add check-boxes for each option to allow customers to fine-tune their choices
  • With bulk actions, manage a large volume of products
  • Search and sort products quickly using filter options
  • Include descriptions and placeholders to make sure customers complete
  • Set the number of choices for each checkbox
  • Describe the fields to prevent incomplete orders
  • Include dates and swatch text boxes
  • Hide  your product customization with Premium Plans
  • Rating - 4.8 on Shopify App Store

Advantages of using Product Customizer

  • Improve the shopping experience as product options are instantly displayed
  • Avoid downtime. Robust Product customizer does not rely on any other 3rd party site
  • Compatible with any theme


App review from Shopify App store

The Best Shopify App for increasing Site Traffic through SEO

Now that you have taken care of your store layout and products, it is time to draw more traffic to your Shopify store. The best Shopify App to generate traffic to your Shopify store through SEO is Plug-in SEO.


This Search Engine Optimization App drives a lot of organic traffic to your Shopify store. This is by improving store rankings through SEO and fixing SEO issues.


  • Basic Free App and Advanced Paid App with extra features
  • Free trial
  • Improves SEO ranking of your traffic on Google and other search engines
  • Increases organic traffic to your site
  • Fixes meta titles and descriptions
  • Optimizes the blog
  • Fixes broken links and SEO errors
  • Rating-4.7 on Shopify store

App review from Shopify App store

The Best Shopify App for Social Media

The best way to drive organic traffic to your Shopify store is through Social Media Marketing.

Among all social media channels, Facebook Messenger has 80% open rate. Use this to the maximum with the Facebook Messenger Marketing App.


Use this to engage Facebook subscribers in a personal manner and improve their customer experience.


  • FREE
  • Launch FB marketing campaigns
  • Gather social proof and customer reviews
  • Send order confirmations and receipts
  • Send shipping updates

The Best Shopify App for Maximizing your Conversion

With your ace traffic generation, you have driven enough traffic to your site. But will that get you sales? Not if you fail to convert them. So, the right thing to do is to convert most customers to boost sales. Use the best Shopify App on their store to improve your conversion rate.


Optimonster increases sales on your Shopify store by getting more email subscribers and recovering abandoned carts. It uses forms, responsive pop-ups, and custom messages to capture leads and for retargeting. You can run many types of campaigns using float bars, scroll sidebar, countdown timers, welcome mat and coupon wheels

The best feature of Optimonster is its 2-step Optin technology that allows you to convert an image or 2 lines of text to a pop-up, without any code. Use these Optin pop-ups to convert customers.


  • Paid App with 3 monthly pricing plans
  • Offers the following varied options or tools to convert customers
  • LightBox Pop-ups to capture email addresses
  • Slide-in scroll box to collect customer details
  • Countdown Timer to create urgency and demand
  • In-line forms to add to blog posts and page content
  • A floating bar which moves along with you to convert
  • Sidebar forms to optimize page content
  • Coupon-wheels to launch campaigns
  • Offers the following campaign triggers to alert customer’s site exit
  • Exit-Intent technology- it converts visitors who exit the site into customers
  • Scroll triggers- they permit the visitor to leave the site only after they scroll down to a certain extent
  • Inactive sensors- it converts inactive visitors to subscribers
  • Timed display content- Show your content at the right time
  • Offers the following targeted campaign options
  • Referrer detection to see where the lead is coming from
  • Geo-position targeting to tailor campaigns according to location
  • Device-based targeting to create separate campaigns for desktops, tablets, mobiles etc
  • Page-level targeting to launch campaign as per the product page the visitor is in.


App review from Shopify App store

The Best Shopify App to Boost Sales

Sumo is the best Shopify App to help you boost sales through push notifications. Nearly 37,000 E-commerce sites are powered by Sumo.


This app is the best to increase sales and improve the conversion rate by offering incentives on your Shopify store. M2S Bikes used Sumo's List builder tool to expand their email mailing list. They used pop-ups to capture emails and reduce cart abandonment. Learn a few tricks from their success saga featured on our Best Shopify Stores blog and use Sumo to your best.


  • Free up to 10,000 emails/month or $500 Sumo-driven revenue
  • Unlimited emails for $49/month
  • Places incentives in a strategic position across your store to boost sales
  • Offers unique discount code for each customer
  • Converts window shoppers with targeted emails
  • Offers incentives for recovery of abandoned carts

The Best Shopify App for Inventory Management & Multichannel Selling

Once you are done with product customization, the next thing to handle is Inventory. If you are an enterprise with many branches at different locations, inventory management should be centralized. Only then can you avoid confusion in stock management and product delivery. Using the best Shopify App will help you get a grip on your inventory and multichannel selling.


TradeGecko is the perfect Shopify APp for you to grow your business. It blends wholesaling, retailing and multichannel selling in a seamless manner. It lends efficiency to your Shopify store by helping in inventory, reporting and accounting.


  • Paid App with monthly pricing plans
  • Free 14 -day trial
  • Manage many branches or Shopify stores from one central location
  • Expand your business to other sales channels like Amazon, eBay, etc.
  • Manage all your channel partners - suppliers and wholesale or retail customers
  • Have a complete view of the inventory at all locations
  • Auto-generate purchase orders to indent stock when it runs low
  • Create invoices, shipping documents and credit notes
  • Encourage wholesalers to browse your catalogs and buy in bulk
  • Sell in bulk with ease by doing away with phone, mail or text orders
  • Offer personalized catalogs with unique customer logins and price-lists
  • Offer promos, discounts and deals using TradeGecko’s Advanced features
  • Compile detailed order, sales and profit or cost reports
  • Make order fulfillment easy with batch tracking, pick-pack and shipping using barcode
  • TradeGecko works best also for manufacturers helping create bills of materials and manage production orders.
  • It integrates with Amazon, eBay, Xero, Quickbooks online, ShipStation etc.


App review on Shopify App store

The Best Shopify App for Dropshipping

To make the maximum profits in e-commerce, merchants opt for dropshipping. In fact, 33% of e-commerce sellers use dropshipping.

Shopify has excellent apps like Oberlo to help you execute dropshipping in an easy manner.


With Oberlo, you can import hundreds of products from Aliexpress and dropship them directly to your customers. No inventory, no storage, no packing and no shipping. All you have to do is get Oberlo, connect it to your Shopify store, and import products with a few clicks. Next, you display them in your store, drive traffic and start dropshipping.


  • Oberlo is a Shopify-only App. It does not work on other platforms.
  • Oberlo is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese which can now be embedded within the platform
  • Free plan up to 500 products or 50 orders/ month
  • Paid plans- Basic-$29.90/month and Pro-$79.90/ month
  • Advantages- Bulk ordering, Faster shipping

App Review on App store

The Best Shopify App for Print-On-Demand

Many dropshippers enter into demand fulfillment services like printing-on-demand. For instance, they purchase T-shirts, photo frames or coffee mugs in bulk and customize them with printing to create their own brand.  The best Shopify fulfillment app for printing-on-demand is Printful.


Printful allows you to create and sell custom products on Shopify.


  • Free
  • No overheads- inventory
  • Has a catalogue of 230 products for you to select for customizing
  • Allows white-labeling to create brands
  • Best for promotional branding
  • Creates a great unboxing experience with custom packing slips
  • Provides e-commerce photography and video services for your products
  • Rating - 4.4

The Best Shopify App for Shipping

Getting orders alone is not enough. To complete the order, you must organize the shipping and delivery. This shipping process is complex as it involves many parties and stages. Simplify this process using the best Shopify app for shipping.


As a Shopify merchant, you will look for the cheapest shipping rates. Shippo allows you to compare 50+ carriers. It also allows you to get discounts for shipping on certain carriers. Shippo is the perfect Shopify app for shipping


  • Free app
  • Shipping label charges - $0.05
  • Get discounts on shipping through USPS, UPS, FedEx or DHL express in the US
  • For Australia, get discounts on Sendle or Fastway
  • Connect with global carriers like CanadaPost, Deutsche Post, Hermes, etc
  • Track orders and convey to the customer
  • Insert return labels in packages to delight customers
  • Bulk print up to 100 shipping labels in one go
  • Automate international shipping with custom invoices and commercial invoices
  • Integrate your Shopify orders from other marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy
  • Rating - 4 on Shopify App store

App review on Shopify App store

The Best Shopify App for Marketing Analytics

You have built a store on Shopify and your e-commerce business seems to be doing good. But are you sure that you have done enough? Are your customers happy? Are they making repeat purchases? What is the frequency of the order? What is the average order value? What are the products that frequently occur in their wish list? These questions are best answered on your store itself when you integrate an app like Segments analytics.


Segments analytics gives you actionable insights on customer behavior, orders, campaign performance, etc.


  • 1 Month-Free trial
  • Paid pricing plans starting at $79/month and $239/month
  • Increase repeat orders
  • Segregate high-spenders, quitters, one-timers, repeaters, and the loyal ones
  • Identify customers  who are discount-buyers, active subscribers, wholesale buyers
  • Earmark metrics like average order value (AOV), order frequency, customer lifetime value (CLV/LTV), average revenue per u/er (ARPU)
  • Get advanced insights like order timing, email campaign open rate, click rate, email campaign revenue
  • With 1 click, segment customers as high spenders and those likely to churn
  • Sync customer segments across FB, Google, Klaviyo, etc.
  • Rating - 5 on Shopify App store


App Review on App store

The Best Shopify App for Upselling & Cross-Selling

Once you get a lead, you must try to extract the maximum out of it. That can be done only by upselling and cross-selling.

Upselling involves encouraging a customer to buy a higher-priced product. Cross-selling means persuading the customer to buy a different product.

To execute this with success, you must integrate the best Shopify App for upselling and cross-selling.


Candy Rack is an app from DigiSmoothie built for Shopify. It allows you to boost your revenue through upselling and cross-selling.


  • Paid App
  • 14- day free trial
  • Use AI to do an automatic upsell based on product recommendations
  • Bundle your  frequently-bought products for quick upsells
  • Make the most of the opportunity by using discounted upsells
  • Boost your sales by effective cross-sells
  • Use pop-ups to achieve one-click upsells and cross-sells
  • Rating- 5 on Shopify App store


App Review on Shopify App Store

The Best Shopify App for Email Marketing

Research reveals that 40% of online shoppers buy more, only when they have a personalized shopping experience. This can be brought about by sending personalized emails and newsletters to customers. There are many marketing automation apps on Shopify like Omnisend, Mailchimp, etc. But among them, the best app is Klaviyo that helps you interact with the customers personally through emails


This automated email marketing app proves invaluable when integrated with Shopify. Taylor Stitch is one Shopify Store that used Klaviyo to make the most of email marketing. Read their success story on our Best Shopify Stores blog to learn how to use Klaviyo to your best advantage for your store.


  • FREE
  • Drag-and-drop email composer
  • Hundreds of email templates
  • Auto-generates emails on the cart abandonment
  • Allows to personalize the email based on purchase history
  • Offers product recommendations vi emails
  • Allows selective marketing by segmenting email lists
  • Syncs customer database to Facebook and Instagram
  • Timely SMS for those who don’t prefer email
  • Analyzes and reports customer behaviour through email marketing
  • Rating 4.5 on Shopify App Store

App Review

The Best Shopify App to use Chatbots for increasing Sales

According to Market research, the use of chatbots can increase conversion by 25%. So, why not use an App to integrate a chatbot to your Shopify store?


Save abandoned carts, offer discounts and generate leads for potential customers through TIDIO.


  • Easy installation in a minute
  • Free plans for small businesses
  • Paid plans starting at $10/month and  $18/month
  • Deploy it like a widget to improve the website’s look
  • It enables you to respond to the customer in seconds.
  • Uses one dashboard tor reply through live chat, email and  Facebook Messenger
  • Automates communication with the customer
  • Provides 24x7  customer support


The Best Shopify App for Rewards

Well, you have got your customers and you have got your sales. Shouldn't you reward them for choosing your product or brand? Do this using the best Shopify app for rewards and referrals.


The Yotpo e-commerce platform has acquired Swell rewards. Using this Shopify App, you can retain existing customers through loyalty programs. You can reach out to new customers through rewards programs and referrals. You can maximize LTV by engaging customers in a better manner. Yotpo is the right app to improve your customer loyalty. Untuckit is the best example of a Shopify store who used Yotpo to execute their rewards and referral programs.


  • Free up to 100 orders a month
  • Paid plan -$29/month
  • Easy to install in minutes
  • Full customization can be done for fonts, images, descriptions, etc
  • Charge your business by pleasing customers using loyalty programs and rewards.
  • Gain new leads from existing customers through referral programs
  • Acquire email addresses using this easy tool
  • Integrates with FB, Yotpo, Hubspot, etc
  • Rewards can be given to customers for
  • Writing product reviews
  • Interacting on social media to get social proof
  • Reviewing blogs
  • Spending more on site

App Review on App store

The Best Shopify App for Referrals

Word-of-mouth still works. It still influences 60% of the buying decisions. Customers still count on other’s opinions and that is why referrals work. The best Shopify App for Referrals is Referral Candy.


Nearly, 30,000 online stores have grown sales through Referral Candy.

  • 1-month free trial
  • Automate referral process using emails, landing page and pop-ups
  • Share referral codes on Social media like FB, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter.

The Best Shopify App for Customer Support

Gaining new leads and retaining existing customers is all fine. But what about supporting the customers if they run into a glitch while using your Shopify store site?

This is what truly matters. Customer satisfaction lies mainly on swift support and service. Include the best Shopify App for customer support on your store site to help customers better.


HelpCenter is an all-in-one Help desk that you need for your Shopify store. Build this as a storehouse of FAQs that help customers to find answers to all their searches and queries. This app allows you to save time by answering all FAQs. This means you have fewer phone calls to trend and fewer emails to answer.


  • Simple and Seamless functioning
  • Efficient and easy-to-use
  • Build an FAQ Page with 3 layers
  • Multilingual FAQ
  • Mobile-friendly FAQ page
  • You can answer the questions before they arrive in the Inbox
  • Provide instant help without using expensive live chat
  • Customize FAQ page by altering font, inserting images, etc
  • Take back-ups of Q & A
  • Export Q & A session to another website
  • Rating - 4.8 on Shopify App store


App review on Shopify App store

The Best Shopify App for Selling Digital Products

Your Shopify store can sell digital products but only if you integrate an App. The best Shopify App to help you do this is Digital Downloads.


Digital Downloads allow you to sell digital products directly to your customer in the following ways.


  • Free App
  • View, setup and edit digital products
  • View  all online orders for digital products
  • It allows customers to perform the direct and instant download of digital files
  • Send automatic alerts to customers on software updates
  • Personalize checkouts and email templates

App Review on Shopify App Store

The Best Shopify App for Currency Converter

If you want to sell products on a  global scale on your Shopify store. For this, you need a currency converter first. Use the Auto Currency Switcher.


A must-have Shopify App for running a global business.


  • Free and Paid Apps
  • Supports 200+ currencies
  • Currency based on Geo-based currency detection
  • Uses live rates for currency conversion


App review on Shopify App Store

What are the final takeaways if you use the best Shopify Apps for your Store?

Using the best Apps on Shopify, you gain a lot- sales, revenue, traffic, ranking, leads, etc. But remember one thing, not everything can be gained by using one single app. Each app has its own individual purpose. This means you might end up integrating many apps for a store. So, the first task for you is to select the right apps for your Shopify store. And this selection should be based on the following criteria.

  • Nature of business
  • Your aim in integrating the app- is it to boost sales, or site traffic or to just change the store layout
  • Cost of the App
  • Ease-of-use and installation
  • Features and functions
  • Live Support
  • Comparison with competitive apps
  • Rating of the App
  • Reliability of the App

Based on the above factors, choose the best Shopify App from the above ones. This app may be a Free or Paid one. Integrate it with your Shopify store and test it for a month. See if you have achieved what you aimed for by integrating the App. Otherwise, choose another based on the above parameters.

Apart from these apps listed above, there are hundreds of apps on the Shopify store which you can check out too.

Shopify has endless possibilities to operate your Shopify store. All you do is to integrate your Shopify store with the right apps and you are good to go!